American express blue business cash card credit score

You must have a good credit score before applying for Blue Business Cash. That means your credit score is in the range of 670–739 for FICO and 700–749 for VantageScore.

American express blue business cash card credit score

You will have a chance of approval if the credit score of the American Express Blue Business Credit Card is at least 740. For that you need a good credit score if you want to get approval from this credit card.

You can be approved with a score as low as 700 and get the Chance of approval if you have a higher annual income or a current relationship with American Express.

Usually credit card issuers look at other factors when considering your creditworthiness. In addition, skipping monthly payments can have a negative impact on your credit score.

They will examine things like your income, and your source of income, when making a decision. So even if your score is lower than recommended, you can still get approval. This means that even if your score is higher, you can still be rejected.

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American Express Blue Business Credit Card Qualifications and Credit Card Credit Terms

  1. Must be 18 years old to apply
  2. Business identification information: Business name, company DBA name (if any), business name on card, industry type, company structure, year of business, number of employees
  3. Business address, business phone number
  4. Business financial information: Annual business income, estimated monthly expenses, federal tax ID
  5. Personally identifiable information: Name, date of birth, role in the company, Social Security number
  6. Address and contact information: Email, address, phone number
  7. Personal financial information: Total annual income