Requirements for American Express Black Card

The American Express Black Card requirement is that you must need at least $350ka per year for your Black American Express Card to qualify.

Requirements for American Express Black Card

The AMEX Black Card for Business may be more attainable for some as the contest requirement (besides pre-qualification) is $500ka per year for your AMEX Card.

Seeing that this is a business card, it makes sense as something a little more achievable for people as business contests count towards the basic requirements.

Requirements for American Express Black Card

You need at least $350k personally to qualify for the Amex Black Card or $500k per year for the Business card, but is there more prequalification to get the invite?

Further information indirectly; however, American Express is a business like any other.

They want to do business with people who have a track record of good shopping habits.

The factors that go into your credit score are most likely taken into account.

It's kind of safe to say they looked at your credit history, your ability to make repayments, and your credit score with credit utilization rate before extending this offer to you.

Advantages of the American Express Black Card

The benefits of having a Black Card are as real as the ambiguity. Some of the facilities they get come from the American Express platinum card.

The AMEX Black Card offers its members the ability to enjoy special perks or perks that are 100% tailored to their shopping habits and lifestyle.