American Express Credit Card payment online

American Express Credit Card Payment online has provided several choices of online payment methods to its customers.

American Express Credit Card payment online

Here's how to use American Express Credit Card payments online

1. Using American Express Bank Net Banking

The Net Banking facility can only be used by users after registering online.

To check credit card balances and pay bills, users are required to link their credit card with their net banking account, for which ATM pin details will be used.

After linking an American Express Bank credit card with a net-banking account, users will be able to check whether the transaction has been charged, due date, reward points, etc.

Simply log in to your net banking account via the bank's website, click the credit card tab and select the credit card payment option.

American Express bank also provides a hot listing facility under net banking to prevent misuse if the card is lost or stolen.

2. Using the American Express Bank Mobile App

For this procedure, users need to download and install the American Express bank app on their phone.

After installation, users can login to the app using their customer ID.

This application has been created for the convenience of mobile users; It provides the same features as the net banking portal, so it can be accessed from anywhere. 

Thanks to this feature, users can make secure transactions without the risk of fraud using their accounts from practically anywhere through the mobile application.

3. Using Debit automatic payments

If the user has multiple credit cards, an automatic debit option is available for credit card bill payments.

In order to use this facility, certain instructions need to be set on the relevant American Express Bank savings account. This facility is used to pay the minimum amount or to pay off the entire outstanding balance.

4. Using a credit card payment from a non-American Express Bank account

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It is not mandatory to have an account at the same bank as the credit card you are using. There are several ways to pay a credit card bill through another bank account:

NEFT method: In this method, the user must enter the American Express Bank credit card number as the payee account number as well as the appropriate IFSC code to make a credit card bill payment.

Payments made during working hours on a working day will be transferred on the same day, while payments made after working hours will be transferred on the next day.

RTGS (Real time gross settlement) method: This method applies to people who use credit cards for higher transaction amounts, as they can pay the entire amount at once. To perform this transaction, net banking must also be activated in another bank account.

Billing desk web page: The billing desk page can also be used by non-American Express Bank holders. The user must enter the required details, such as the card number and the amount, after which, the user is directed to the relevant net banking portal to complete the transaction.

Online non-american express portal : Login to online portal using net banking id and password to complete payment.

That's a discussion about online American Express Credit Card payments, hopefully it can help.