American Express Platinum Military Credit Score

American Express Platinum's military credit score is 720 and is considered an excellent score.

American Express Platinum Military Credit Score

Credit score is not the only thing AMEX considers when reviewing your application. 

Here are the rules for the American Express Platinum military credit score

1. Once in a lifetime

This means that if you previously owned this card, you will not receive any more bonus offers if you reapply and are approved for the same card again.

2. Your credit score

Banks will usually withdraw your credit report from some of the three credit bureaus because your score may vary between bureaus.

AMEX usually draws from Experian, so know your score from this report before signing up.

3. Your Payment History

Your Payment History will tell AMEX whether you can make payments on time.

4. Number of credit cards

AMEX doesn't have a 5/24 rule like Chase does, but lots of face-up cards can mean you're not good at handling your money.

Or you open a lot of cards for a bonus. Your chances may be lower if you have opened a lot of cards recently.

5. Maximum limit

American Express has a maximum limit on the number of AMEX cards you can borrow. Although AMEX says that approval really depends on your credit.

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6. Average age of account

If your other card account is fairly new, this doesn't give AMEX much info about whether you can handle your personal finances responsibly.

7. Credit utilization

You must not exceed 30%. A high percentage is that your income does not support expenses.

We recommend that you apply for this card after you have received a deposit on your other card.

8. Income

At an annual cost of $695, the Platinum is a luxury targeted at heavy buyers.

AMEX can also look at your earnings to make sure they can back it up, especially if your credit score is lower. most Platinum card holders have more income in the six digits.

But your match limit is determined based on your usual pattern of matches, so people with lower salaries can be approved for this card.

9. Relationship with AMEX

If you already have one of the AMEX cards, you can win some extra points.

This can show AMEX that you can handle credit responsibly, which they can pass on to you.

To find out if you qualify, visit the website .

Here are the steps if your application for an American Express Platinum military credit score is not approved:

  • Work to build your credit
  • Never be late with your payment
  • You can request an increase in the credit limit on your other cards, which will help the credit utilization rate.
  • Remember, you don't just have one chance. You can apply again once your credit improves.

That's the discussion about American Express Platinum military credit, I hope this information is useful for all of you!!