Centurion Card Invitation 2021

 The amex black credit card is also known as the Centurion Card.

Centurion Card Invitation 2021

There are two types of Centurion Cards, Personal Black Card and Business Version. Like other American Express corporate cards, black business cards are reflected on your personal credit report, not your company business card.

Centurion Card's annual membership fee is the highest of any credit card on the market. Additionally, adding another cardholder will incur an additional $2,500 per year.

In comparison, the Platinum Card has an annual membership fee of $695 for many of the same services. It takes a lot of staff to find hard-to-find items, tickets and reservations.

You'll get the same reward rate as any other American Express cardholder. Black Cards do not earn Membership Rewards Points faster than other Amex Cards.

You can contact the person directly and the person can serve as a personal assistant to handle almost anything you need.

How to get Centurion 2021 Invitation card

To get an invitation from the Centurion Card is to send a message to Amex

There's no guarantee that you'll receive an invitation, but at least American Express knows that you want an invitation.

This page explains that it is for existing American Express cardholders who are interested in considering the card.

Please note that you should be careful if someone offers you a Centurion Card. Even after telling Amex you're interested, you may not accept the invitation.

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Who is the American Express Black Card for?

The Amex Black Card is for high net worth individuals who spend a lot of money. Centurion cardholders used to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) each year.

They use the concierge service regularly, and the dedicated concierge responds to requests and doesn't mind the high annual fee of $5,000.

Where can I apply for a black card?

The American Express Centurion black card has historically been an invitation-only card.

You must enter the name that appears on the front of the card, the existing American Express card number, and your 4-digit PIN.