American Express Black Card Annual Fee

The American Express Black Card is by far the most expensive and exclusive card offered in the United States.

American Express Black Card Annual Fee

However it is also perhaps the least understood as many of its features and benefits are kept secret.

In fact, this amex black card is not offered to the public, you must be invited to apply. Let's take a look at the history of this card, how to get it, and how much it costs, as well as its various features and benefits. Then, you can determine if this card suits your needs.

None of the publicly available apps for the American Express Black Card don't even offer a page on its website to advertise the card and explain its features and benefits.

It is known that existing American Express customers with very high annual spending habits, high credit scores, and immaculate payment history are invited to apply for an amex black card.

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American Express black card fee

The annual fee for the American Express black card is $450, many credit card users will find the American Express Platinum card expensive, but the Centurion card fee is much higher.

One of the few facts about this American Express black card issue is its annual fee, as the card issuer is required to disclose the basic terms and conditions of all its products.

Currently, new card members must pay a $7,500 initiation fee as well as a $2,500 annual fee. Therefore, there is an initial fee of $10,000 to open an amex Black Card account as well as an annual payment of $2,500 per year to continue to be a member of the card.

And while many credit cards offer authorized users, cards with no additional fees added to the account will incur an annual fee.

The fees you have to pay for luxury benefits and status Other fees include a late payment fee and a refund fee of $37.