Best time to book Priceline Express Deals

When is the best time to order Priceline Express Deals You may face a tough choice.

Best time to book Priceline Express Deals

Here's how to determine the best time to book a Priceline Express Offer

1. Find Location

Believe it or not, to know when is the best place to book Priceline Express deals, you need to know where to look and buy first.

Know the name of the city you want to go to where the hotel is located. In general, on weekdays.

Hotels located in the business district tend to charge significantly higher rates than the same hotel over the weekend.

You have to pay $236 for a four-star hotel in the most expensive place in the US using the Express Deal.

And when the weekend comes then this $70 hotel room is a lot cheaper.

2. Find out about the season

Usually around winter break when there are school holidays. The relatively low season is late January/early February so Priceline Express offers are usually much cheaper.

The advice here is to book early when you have to stay in high season. But wait for the last few weeks/days when you plan to visit in low season.

3. Are you flexible?

You may be able to see all the options you can choose from on the search page for Priceline Express Offers. This works well when you have special needs in terms of location, rating, or hotel level.

But your options will surely decrease as time goes on and rooms run out. So if you are picky about where you stay and hotel amenities, the advice here is to book early.