How to distinguish replica credit cards sold in the market

Replica credit cards for sale - With so many fake or replica cards being sold, we have to be careful when we get them.

How to distinguish replica credit cards sold in the market

For this reason, the admin will provide an overview to distinguish the original card from a fake or replica credit card.

Here is a of  how to tell the difference between a genuine or a replica credit card

1. Symmetry

First, look at the numbers to make sure they are evenly spaced and aligned. Counterfeiters typically use aftermarket tipper/embossing machines that handle one number at a time. Because of this, numbers are often skewed.

2. Correlation

Amex will start with 3, Visa with 4, MasterCard (MC) with 5 and Discover with 6. You'd be surprised how many thieves fail to do their basic homework.

3. Magnetic Strip

Some thieves are lazy or cheap and fail to coordinate the magnetic stripe data with the data on the front of the card. To get around this, bad guys will intentionally damage the strip by scratching or removing the magnet thus forcing the merchant to manually enter the changed number on the front.

4. Match Receipt

If you don't have access to a magnetic stripe decoding device to check the stripe, one easy way to verify the strip and number is to run the transaction and see if the last four digits printed on the receipt match.

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5. Hologram

Check the holographic stickers on the front of Visa and MC and the top back strip on Amex cards for holographic foil. Fake cards often have a boring 2D look.

6. Signature Path

Signature strips require different materials when crafting cards and are also often overlooked when forging. The strip should be on the back and white.

7. UV logo

If you are in a branch and have access to ultraviolet light or black light, check for the UV logo on most cards. "AM EX" will appear on the front of the Amex card, "MC" on MasterCard, "V" fly on the front bottom left and a dove logo in the center of the Visa card and "Find" will be written on the Find card.

8. Micro print

Most cards have a microprint verification number that can be seen with a magnifying glass. It gets about 80% of all thieves and the microprint can usually be found under the account number or on the back. Although it varies with different cards, microprints usually duplicate the first or last 4 digits of the account number.

9. Behavior

Finally, nothing verifies fraud like the nervous behavior of cardholders. The most common tactic is for thieves to try to confuse or distract officers to distract from the CAF card.

If any of the above doesn't look correct, contact law enforcement as you are most likely dealing with identity theft and possibly counterfeiting.

Credit and debit card fraud is fairly easy to detect because of the above, whereas prepaid cards usually only have about half of the fraud prevention mechanisms above and are even more difficult.