Squash Sport and How to Play It

Squash sport can be played by all ages. Because it requires a lot of energy and stamina, adjust it to your physical condition before playing.

Squash Sport and How to Play It

Squash is an indoor racket sport played by two or four players using small rubber balls with holes. Squash requires fast movement so it is good for cardiovascular exercise.

This squash sport can be done at any age, is easy to learn, and the equipment can be modified according to body size and skill level. Squash can be played as a hobby or as a competitive sport.

Squash is actually similar to tennis, except that you are facing a wall, not other players. Two players take turns hitting the ball against the wall. 

Squash sport and How to Play It

1. Service way:

  • Stand on one foot on both service boxes.
  • Hit the ball against the front wall by landing it above the service line, below the exit line.
  • The ball must then move from the front wall to the corner
  • Opponent returns (behind the short line and on the other side of the half court line from serve).
  • The ball can bounce off another wall or be hit full During the rally.
  • The ball must hit the front wall each time it is hit, but may hit another wall before or after it.
  • Before the second bounce, the opponent must hit the ball
  • Before bouncing on the floor Player can hit the ball
  • Players can use all the court after the serve is hit, there is no limit on where to run.

The ball is declared out if:

  • Touch the border or exit line.
  • When hitting over the line outside the court (during serve or during a rally).
  • More than once before being hit When bouncing
  • When the serve lands in the wrong area.

Score is calculated if:

  • The player who wins the rally scores points
  • A game goes up to 11 points, if the score is 10, then the game continues until the player wins 2 points.
  • Match consists of 5 games.

2. Equipment squash sport

  • Before starting make sure you prepare the following:
  • Racquets, you can buy racquets or rent them at a squash place.
  • Smaller racquets are available for children.
  • Ball, the type of ball you use is best determined by the level you are playing at. Larger balls are recommended for beginners because they bounce more.
  • Clothing, squash requires a lot of movement, so wear light clothing such as a t-shirt, shorts, or skirt.
  • Squash court, you can rent a squash court. Fees are according to the policy of each place.